【Notice of some item shipment delays】January 11 ~ January 29

Thank you very much for using Chamule this time.
We have important information for our customers.
Please make sure to check the following before making your purchase.
【January 11 ~ January 29】
We will suspend the delivery and order processing of some items other than immediate delivery items. (Items marked with "Immediate" at the beginning of the product name will be shipped without delay as usual.)
▼Immediate delivery items are here▼
◆About Orders
Some of our partner shipping companies and warehouses will be closed from January 11 to January 29.
Orders placed by December 25 will be delivered as usual, butdepending on the order, some may be shipped after January 29.
If you purchase multiple items, some items may be shipped first. Please understand this in advance.. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
◆About Shipping After Holidays
Shipping will resume sequentially from January 29.
There may be a possibility of congestion in logistics after the holidays.
It may take more than a week for the tracking number to be reflected.
We appreciate your understanding.

For orders placed during the holiday period,
if you request cancellation or changes before 8 AM after placing the order, it will be possible to process them as usual.
After that, we may not be able to accommodate your request, so please understand this in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.
When making inquiries about your order, please be sure to include your name and the order ID starting with "#".


Usually, it takes about 10 to 20 days for delivery from the order. (This may vary depending on the stock status of the item.)

If there are any issues, please contact us.

Please note that changes in size or color are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Please first check your spam folder.

If it is not there, please set the domain "info@nanostudio-official.com" and then contact us with the following information: contact us (1) Email address (2) Full name.


Changes can be made within 1 business day after the order.


Changes can be made within 2 business days after the order.

If the above periods have passed, no changes can be made.

▶︎(1) Your name (2) Order number (#4 digits) to be included when you contact us.