How to choose clothes that fit you

STEP1 Confirm the size of the clothes
Check the size of the clothes listed in the product details on the product page. For how to measure the size of the clothes, please refer to the image below.
STEP2 Choose the size of clothes that fits you
After confirming the size of the clothes, measure your body size and choose the size that fits you!

The point here is to choose a size that has a little more room than your body size.


Usually, it takes about 10 to 20 days for delivery from the order. (This may vary depending on the stock status of the item.)

If there are any issues, please contact us.

Please note that changes in size or color are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Please first check your spam folder.

If it is not there, please set the domain "" and then contact us with the following information: contact us (1) Email address (2) Full name.


Changes can be made within 1 business day after the order.


Changes can be made within 2 business days after the order.

If the above periods have passed, no changes can be made.

▶︎(1) Your name (2) Order number (#4 digits) to be included when you contact us.